The Night Before Last

By Andrea Schlack, President    –    Printing Industry Credit Bureau

[email protected]

T’was the night before last, and all was in good cheer

finally rid of the profit-sucking vermin we all have to fear.

Those creepy cowards that scurry and scamper

cheating and stealing, they hinder and hamper,

with theft and deception, causing profits to slump,

they callously trash cash flow into the dump.

Certain they were finally all gone and would never return

The Printer did not stay vigilant, causing more cash to burn

and that’s when the profit-sucking vermin appears

to destroy what is good, and ruin careers

Now what to do in the dark of night

When there’s not even a debtor exterminator in sight?

Have No worries and feel some cheer, PICB is always here!

To destroy the profit-suckers once and for all

just a quick download of this agreement is what you need

because good due diligence is how to succeed!

 ‘ Merry Xmas, 
Download PICB’s gift to you of the new  Credit Agreement with
terms and conditions that may be modified or used as is’
this is a safe download  

 CRA Price Increase Effective August 1st, 2022 

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