About CheckitCo


Provides Printers Cost Effective Solutions To Credit Risk Analysis

CHECKITCO.COM was born from the passion of the owner of Printing Industry Credit Bureau, Andrea Schlack, who for more than 30 years has helped printers recover bad-debt losses. In her unique position of collecting bad debts, she has seen how easy it is for credit cheats to steal money and how much easier it is to prevent these credit losses when best credit practices are employed.

Bad debt is a consequence of business… It can never be fully eliminated but it can be managed.
CHECKITCO.COM was designed to provide Printers with easy solutions to manage their credit decisions.


CHECKITCO.COM’s customized report is built using real time public records that provide a snapshot of a company’s history, structure, assets, debt,  legal history, + more.  These are the key elements to accurately identifying a good paying customer vs. a potential slow-pay or no pay customer.

Knowledge is Power…


affords you the knowledge of when to grant credit or not.


Profit margins don’t always make it possible to purchase research for small jobs, but even small jobs can cost you profits.

CHECKITCO.COM invites you to use our web-portal to research public records at no charge or check for past collection history by using Riskee Business, PICB’s client access database of collection claims.



 CRA Price Increase Effective August 1st, 2022 

 Printing Industry Credit Bureau and its affiliated company CheckItCO is dedicated to Printers. For more than 40 years we have provided the Printing Industry with successful strategies and services designed to retain profits and to recover money from non-paying customers when qualified collection services are necessary.